Luxury Facial
Just relax and let us cleanse, tone and exfoliate your face, neck and shoulders.  Enjoy a relaxing Indian Head Massage whilst we place a rejevinating face mask onto your face.  Using Neal's Yard facial oil we will then massage your neck, shoulders and face.  We will gently apply a cool and nourishing eye gel around your eye area , apply Neal's Yard facial oils and moisturisers to nourish and brighten your skin and apply a wonderful lip balm for those luxious lips.

PSST - Add a Massage and get a FREE Cream Tea

Deep Tissue


Deep tissue masssage uses specific massage techniques to help reduce the build up of knots on the back, arms and legs. It is a targetted massage and works on areas which neeed attention. This is not a full body massage and is a "stand alone" therapy.

PSST - Add a Facial and get a FREE Cream Tea

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a decadent therapy that enhances the Swedish Massage. The Stones are made out of Basalt Lava Stones that are heated to a specific temperature range and are used in the therapist’s hands during the massage.

Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage is a gentler alternative

to a deep tissue massage.

This deeply relaxing treatment uses bamboo

sticks of varying lengths to massage the body

in a specific way way to help ease muscular


Indian Head Massage

Feel those aches and pains just melt away as you indulge in a Indian Head Massage. The benefits of the Indian Head Massage are: Relieving stress, tension and anxiety, improving sleep, relaxing muscles and joints, soothing aches and pains.

Thai Reflexology

Reflexology uses specific massage techniques

on the reflex points on your feet to help balance

the body. The treatment is relaxing and will last

up to an hour. Apart from your feet, you will

remain fully clothed during this treatment.

Arthritis/Fibromalgia Programme

We use Binaural Beats alongside Aromatherapy Essential Oils to bring to you the Arthritis programme to help eliviate the pain.

Cost: £30 - 30 Mins Salon

Oncology Therapies

We use Binaural Beats to help eliviate your cancer symptoms.  We work alongside your doctors and specialist and do not provide this programme as a substitute to their advice and treatments.

Cost £40 - 45 Minuites Salon Only

Binaural Beats Only Cost £20 - 15 Minutes Salon

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a complementary therepay

that uses crystals for natural healing energy.

Everything in life has a vibration including

ourselves. Crystals have their own frequencies

and when used in our energy fields can help

to bring us back into balance.

Cost £30 - 30 Minuites

Online Face Yoga Tutorial Session 

Face Yoga is an alternative to Botox.  In this online session we will teach you how to reduce wrinkles and fine lines without the use of Botox

Card Readings

I read the pictures from the wonderful Arcanum deck to present to you a suggested path that you could, if you wish to, choose to move forward on in your life.