Pamper And Relaxation Day

The day will begin with a Gong Bath and Sound Relaxation. You will lie down on a yoga mat, be covered in a blanket and then be immersed in the wonderful sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls, Sounds of the waves with our wave drum, sounds of the rainforest with our rain forest stick and then melt into the amazing sounds of the moon gong and symphonic gong

You will then take your seat and immerse your feet in an Aromatherapy foot soak whilst smelling some of the most wonderful combinations of Essential Oils. During the Aromatherapy share each of you will receive an express Hot Stone Facial

We will then break for Lunch of Homemade Soup, Roll and Cake

The afternoon session will begin with a Postive Vibes Mindfulness session where we will have fun whilst helping you replace your negative vibes with postive vibes

We will have a little treat and some freetime

We will finish the day with a Wind down Sound Bath

Sound Meditation Can Help With ....