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Why introduce corporate mindfulness into your workplace?

1. Create World Champion Self-Belief and Confidence.

2. Clear Limiting Beliefs about Goal Achievement and Success.

3. Rapidly Eliminate Any Anxiety, Fear and Self-Doubt.

4. Clear Limiting Beliefs and Blocks about Money and Wealth.

5. Create Greater Financial Success and Freedom to Live the Life you Deserve.

The Gamma Mindset Programme was created by Chris Walton MSc;. Through Chris’s consciousness and energy psychology research, he discovered how to create a unique brain wave signature that gives access to the subconscious mind in just 90 seconds ! This is known as The Gamma Mindset. This allows you to make rapid and profound changes to your self-belief, thinking patterns and emotional reactions and get all of you moving in the right direction with clarity, confidence and purpose. By applying the two core techniques of The Gamma Mindset you retrain your emotional fight flight brain so that fear, anxiety, worry and other emotional stress becomes a distant memory and states of flow, confidence and inspiration become your norm.

The Gamma Mindset Programme is complimented when booked with Mindfulness Gong Bath Meditation.

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