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Enjoy Living Life In Equilibrium (ELLIE)


Reflexology uses specific massage techniques on the reflex points on your feet to help balance the body. The treatment is relaxing and will last up to an hour. Apart from your feet, you will remain fully clothed during this treatment. Before starting your first treatment we will undertake a full consultation and your feet will be cleansed. You can pop into Ellie's in Avebury, Devizes or Poulshot. We can also offer Reflexology at your own home or workplace.

Benefits of Reflexology
Helps control hormonal imbalances e.g.PMS or menopausal symptoms
Can help with infertility and wellbeing during pregnancy, resulting in an easier birth (*see note below regarding early pregnancy)
Strengthens the immune system and increase energy levels.
Pain relief due to the release of endorphins (the body's feel good hormones) also post operative recovery
Relieves stress and promotes feelings of deep relaxation