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Enjoy Living Life In Equilibrium (ELLIE)

How would you feel if you could just Remove Any Self-Limiting Beliefs, Self-Doubt, Lack of Confidence and Not Feeling Good Enough?

Then let me introduce you to the Mindfulness!

This complementary therapy can be done at a time set aside by yourself. It can be used for Self-Belief and Confidence, Goal Achievement and Success, Anxiety, Fear and Self Doubt. It can also be used to help Clear Limiting Beliefts and Blocks about Money and Wealth, Healthy Relationships and much more.

I am a qualified holistic therapist and I have been working with people for several years. I am so passionate about what I do, and I love nothing more than to use my gifts and my training to help others through often difficult and painful times in their lives.

I charge £25 for a 30 minute mindfulness session and £35 for an hour session.



Mindfulness is not intended to replace the care you would receive from your doctor or that your animal would receive from a vet. If you are at all concerned about your health, the health of a loved one or the health of your pet, please contact your GP or your animal’s veterinary surgeon as your first port of call.