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Let your staff feel all of the stress of the day melt away as they enter in a Sound Journey of peace and tranquility. The hour session will begin with the chimes, singing bowls and the sea drum. It will then move into the beautiful sounds of the Moon Gong and then finish with Symphonic Gong.

The vibration of the Gong is a powerful method of reducing stress, known as a Gong Bath. The Gong creates an ocean of sound that is profoundly relaxing; a state which activates the parasympathetic nervous system to balance the over-amped, over-taxed sympathetic nervous system.

What to expect

Your staff enter a room filled with calming Aromatherapy smells where you will lie down on a mat that will be provided . They will be encouraged to relax and let the stresses of the day go and just be in the moment. The sounds will then begin to promote their relaxation. The sounds will include chimes, singing bowls, Gongs and much more.

About in tranquility

Gong Baths have been born our of a love for both music and holistic health and wellbeing. The journey into Gong Baths began with a workshop with the amazing Linda Joy and then progressed to a certified course with the famous Tim Wheater and Cherub in London.

Our journey has also progressed us into working with Dementia patients in Blenheim House in Melksham which we are truly greatful for and will feel humbled if we can bring just a little glimmer of peace to their lives.

We are happy to tailor the Corporate Gong Bath Meditation to your needs and include Gamma Mindset sessions and on-site massage if required.

Please call 07402202794 to arrange a meeting for your workplace or care home.

Fully insured with Balens Ltd and DBS cleared.

Why choose a Gong Bath for Relaxation?

Sound Resonates With Water

As Sound resonates with water and we are made up of approximately 75% of water then the sound will resonate with every cell in your body providing you with a feeling of total relaxation and wellbeing.

Comments People Have Made

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